Welcome to ISIS 2019 & ICBAKE 2019

Welcome to ISIS 2019 & ICBAKE 2019

We are pleased to invite you to the 20th International Symposium on Advanced Intelligent Systems (ISIS2019) & International Conference on Biometrics and Kansei Engineering (ICBAKE 2019) which will be held on December 4-7, 2019 at the International Convention Center (ICC) Jeju Island, Korea. In every two years, this conference has been held in Korea, and in alternative two years, ISIS has been held in Japan. Especially, we are very honored to be held with ICBAKE2019.

The ISIS2019 & ICBAKE2019 will provide all the presenters and participants with a great opportunity to present and discuss the latest accomplishments, challenges, and future directions in the field of advanced intelligent systems.

The name of the island, JEJU, is also known as “Island of the Gods”, is the largest island in Korea. As the name shows, Jeju welcomes 700,000 residents and visitors with one of the most stunning views of Korea. Jeju is an island created with mixtures of volcanic rocks, frequent rains, and temperate climates. Due to diverse climates, unique fruits and vegetables can be raised on this island. As a representative, Jeju has created a Hallabong, a unique fruit that has been crossbreed between tangerine and orange. Jeju is in the southwest sea of the Korean Peninsula, 73km from west to east and 31km from north to south with the coastline of 254km, surrounded by clear oceans and basalt stonewalls. The leisure lifestyle and beautiful nature comfort visitors with refreshing air and scenery. It is home to one of the longest lava caves in the world and an adventurous place for hikers and marine sports.

One of the main objectives of this conference is that through exchanges between the two countries, we will acquire advanced technology in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution, build skills, mutual friendship, prepare for the future, and have a broader perspective. We are very thankful to SOFT, KIIS, IEEE SMC, IFSA, Korea Tourist Organization, as well as ICC Jeju. We are also extremely thankful to all the members of the organizing committee, in addition to all the participants of this conference. With the dedication of all members, we have held very high and very successful academic conferences. Also we express my great gratitude to have plenary speakers, invited speakers, session organizers, and all the contributions in technical session with papers and many ways.
We have successfully took many conferences, however, if you have any ideas to improve during the academic conference or if you have any suggestions for the conference, please do not hesitate to advise us. We hope that you will have a lot of knowledge and mutual exchange with the members through the activities of the society in ISIS2019&ICBAKE2019.
On behalf of the local organizing committee, we express, once again, to thank all the participants of this conference. Welcome to Korea and Jeju Island. Wish everyone a pleasant academic conference.

Young Im Cho
Genera Chair ISIS2019&ICBAKE2019