Registration Guideline

Registration Guideline
General Information
  • At least one author of all accepted papers should register for the paper to be included in the final program and the conference proceedings no later than Nov. 9, 2019.  Only the Early Bird registration is acceptable until Nov. 9, 2019.
  • If an author has more than one paper, the student fee will be applied to additional papers except for the first paper.
    * Papers submitted by students will be counted as their advisors’ papers submission. If the advisor has a student who is submitting a paper under the advisor, please ask the advisor to include the student’s paper during the advisor’s registration.

    (Ex: A(advisor) has students(B,C,D) who submitted papers under each student’s account, the advisor must register with “No. of Papers” as 4( 3 papers submitted by students under the advisor A+ advisor’s own submitted paper) under “Registrant Information”. Students (B, C, D) do not have to register for themselves)

    Once the submission is complete, the committee would prepare name tags to presenters selected on each paper the advisor has submitted.

    If there are no advisors, the student’s first paper will be counted as a regular fee and each papers after the first paper will be counted as general fees.

  • Additional name tags will be prepared for the presenters from the second paper. If you wish different name tags from the presenters, please contact to the conference secretariat at
  • Non-author participants and exhibitors can register the conference among Regular, Studnet, and Free Registration.
  • On-site registration during the conference (Dec. 4-7, 2019) is possible. The Late-Fee will be applied to On-site as well as On-line registration after Nov. 9, 2019.

Professors as participants must pay regular fee 600,000

Type Early Bird Fee (On-line)
(Until Nov. 9, 2019)
Late Fee (On-line and On-Site)
(after Nov. 9, 2019)
Regular USD 550 or KRW 600,000
(First Paper)
USD 650 or KRW 700,000
Student USD 300 or KRW 330,000
(From the 2nd Paper)
USD 350 or KRW 390,000
 Workshop USD 400 or KRW 450,000
  • Registration fee includes a copy of digital proceedings (USB), a program booklet, welcome reception and banquet tickets, social tour, and a souvenir.
  • Students must present a proof of the full-time student status at the registration desk.
  • Optional charges to accompanying persons will be applied for welcome reception, banquet, and social tour tickets. Name tags will be provided to accompanying persons as requested.
Cancellation policy (Korean Time)

Registration fees will not be returned for any reasons after Early Bird registration deadline

Online Registration